Artist Profile

Introducing Brydee


Born 1978, Takapuna, New Zealand

"Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand in the 80’s with flashy material values mingling with the cobbled together tree hut and patch of native bush at the bottom of the road, spurred a vibrant curiosity for the world around me and an insatiable DIY instinct cross pollinated with a reverent respect for nature. My childhood was spent between creating and exploring. In 2007 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland where I focussed on installation and sculptural practice. I have lived and worked in New Zealand, Germany, India, USA, Japan, The Netherlands and Mexico; these places and their inherent attitudes and patterns of consumption and materiality have greatly influenced my visual practice evidenced by successive installation, performance and action based projects within For A World Without Waste and The Waste Whisperer Series navigating material lines of waste and value in a changing world environment.

In my early career, my work has been selected for exhibition across an international spectrum framed in environments ranging from urban canals and coastal national parks to dessert villages; to the exterior of a working rubbish truck; to a solo project artist booth at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair; from one night installations in New York and into the underbellies and back street alleys of Wellington, Melbourne and Berlin.

I'll be developing a live installation / performance / video project situated on the bow, a rooftop patio at Last Ship. Entranced by and in wishful collaboration with the local Mumbai Laughter Club and a patch of resilient Mangroves swamped in the beach washed accumulations of a temporary and disposable existence; plastic bags, glittering scraps and long lost trinkets cast adrift in a strange and strangled forest, which I stumbled upon after a brief encounter on my 1st day with some fishermen cleaning nets on a stretch of nearby coastline. The ideas are fluid and the process in development - I'm excited to follow the trail of occurrences as they unfold across the following month and looking forward to working with fellow residents Natasha and Nellie on the final exhibition."

- Brydee Rood, from Last Ship.


Mumbai Mangrove Trash Temple - Brydee Rood 2012
Carter Rd Bandra West